Hello, if you are a minor, we tell you that in order to protect your rights and interests Rosa Inés Cuartas Joyería does not sell to minors under eighteen (18) years of age, so if you want to have one of our jewels, you must return with one of your daddies or your guardian so they can make the purchase. The foregoing, because only your parents or guardians will be able to advise you in the best way for the exercise of your rights, among them, the right you have to the free development of your personality and to access goods and services.


Hello, we are HOLALU SAS, with NIT 901.185.330-8, you can contact us at info@rosainescuartas.com .

Before, during or after purchasing any of our pieces, we recommend that you take these Terms and Conditions into account.


Our parts may contain the following materials:

  • Our pieces are made with different materials, including alloys that may contain tin, antimony, and copper, coated with copper, bronze, and/or gold baths. Additionally, for final details or as part of the design, they may have paints or lacquers, including cataphoretic lacquer.

If you have any particular concern about the composition and materials of the piece you want or that you purchased, please review our website or contact us, we will gladly resolve any concerns you may have in this regard.


https://rosainescuartas.com is the only Website authorized by HOLALU SAS for the sale of products online. Our company does NOT have third parties authorized to market products under the name of ROSA INÉS CUARTAS JOYERÍA. In the event that you find products with our name on another web page, it is necessary that you inform us of this situation in order to take the appropriate measures, since you may be a victim of fraud or scam. Contact the email info@rosainescuartas.com , or WhatsApp +57 3208984776.


· National Orders

For the shipment of our pieces we rely on duly constituted and recognized transport companies, such as, for example, but not limited to, Picap (application) and Deprisa for shipments outside of Bogotá.

Delivery time may vary depending on the destination city. In view of this, the parts will be delivered within a term of five (5) business days in the main cities of the country and fifteen (15) business days in other cities.

  • ROSA INÉS CUARTAS JOYERÍA makes shipments throughout the national territory.
  • It is possible that under certain exceptional, unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances the shipment may take longer, in which case we will inform you. In the same way, it could happen in certain municipalities or populated centers that are in locations that are difficult to access for the transport company.

Orders will be managed on business days, that is, Monday to Friday except holidays.

In the event that the product arrives open, you must inform us and send us a photo of the incident, within a term of five (5) business days once the part is received. After this time, it will be understood that the piece was received in optimal conditions.

· International Orders

Unfortunately, we do not ship our parts to locations outside of Colombia. However, we are working to bring this service to you very soon!

Shipping Prices

For orders within Colombia, ROSA INÉS CUARTAS JOYERÍA will assume the shipping costs.

Changes to your Order

In the event that you need to make changes to your order, be it the correction of the delivery address, number of items, among others, please contact info@rosainescuartas.com immediately by email or WhatsApp +57 3208984776.

If your order has already been processed and shipped, ROSA INÉS CUARTAS JOYERÍA does not accept responsibility for incorrect data entered.

Shipments refused by the recipient will result in customers incurring redirection fees. ROSA INÉS CUARTAS JOYERÍA reserves the right to cancel any order after purchase.


Our pieces are delivered packed in tissue paper, covered in red linen cloth, which in turn serves to clean and maintain the product in optimal conditions. For transport it is packed in a specially designed box with walls to protect them.

You must also take into account the following:

  1. Avoid contact of our jewelry with chemical products, such as cleaning products, personal or domestic hygiene, perfumes, lacquers.
  2. Always apply face and body creams, perfumes, bronzers and makeup first and put on jewelry last.
  3. You should not perform physical activity with our jewelry on, as friction and sweat can cause damage to you and the jewelry.
  4. Avoid taking the jewelry to showers, beaches or swimming pools, keep in mind that products such as soaps, sea saltpeter and chlorine take away its natural shine and the piece can be altered.
  5. The parts should not be stored in humid places or corrosive environments.
  6. Cleaning must be dry (do not submerge the piece), gently with a damp cloth.

Failure to comply with these precautions will lead to the loss of the guarantee or that it will not be applicable, because the cause of the damage would not be a poor quality of the part, but rather inappropriate or improper use.


Any request regarding the guarantee and the withdrawal can be submitted to the following email address info@rosainescuartas.com or WhatsApp number +57 3208984776.

The shipping transport services against the retraction will be assumed at all times by the buyer.

Right of withdrawal

By virtue of article 47 of the Consumer Statute (Law 1480 of 2011) you will have a term of five (5) business days to request the right of withdrawal through the email info@rosainescuartas.com or WhatsApp number +57 3208984776, counted from the receipt of the jewels. After this term you will not have the right to withdraw, but you will have other rights that we expose in this policy.

Once the request has been answered and if the right of withdrawal is appropriate, you must return the product by the same means that the piece was delivered to the address Carrera 27 #22 C – 20 in Bogotá, DC in the same conditions in which you received it with its original packaging. Shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

We will make the return to the same means of payment with which you made the purchase within a term of thirty (30) calendar days.

Payment reversal

In accordance with article 51 of the Consumer Statute, you can request the reversal of the payment as long as the following situations arise:

  • Is the subject of fraud or corresponds to an unsolicited operation;
  • The purchased product is not received;
  • The product delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective.

You must submit the request within five (5) business days following the date you received news of any of the events mentioned above to the email info@rosainescuartas.com or WhatsApp number +57 3208984776.

Once your request is answered, if applicable, you must return the product by the same means that the piece was delivered to the address Carrera 27 #22 C - 20 in Bogotá, DC in the same conditions in which you received it with its original packaging.

We will make the return to the same means of payment with which you made the purchase within a term of thirty (30) calendar days.

Legal guarantee

Our jewelry has a warranty term of ninety (90) calendar days from the date of receipt of the piece, only for the following issues:

  • Let it change color;
  • That it blackens, oxidizes or turns dark in color;
  • Let it break;
  • Let the pieces bend;
  • Let the chains of the necklace be entangled;
  • That the clasps or links in the chains are broken or damaged;
  • That precious stones or inlays fall out;
  • Due to manufacturing defects (assembly or bathroom defects).

The guarantee will not apply for damages caused by misuse of the part (See section CARE OF OUR PARTS).

To exercise the guarantee, you must be clear that first of all we will look for the repair of the piece and in the event that this is not possible, we will deliver the same jewel of the same species as the one purchased with similar characteristics or technical specifications. . In no case may the part be replaced by another of a lower value, only by one of the same value or a higher price (plus the payment of the surplus).

The repair costs within the terms of the guarantee will be totally free and assumed one hundred percent (100%) by Rosa Inés Cuartas Joyería, including shipping values.

In case of repeated failure within the warranty term, you can choose any of the following options to make the warranty effective:

  • Part repair
  • Exchange of the part for another of the same kind, similar characteristics or technical specifications, which in no case may be less than that of the product that gave rise to the guarantee.
  • Refund of the price paid.

· After-sales services

After the time offered by the legal guarantee, we do not offer repair, maintenance and cleaning services for our parts.


In case of having made the purchase through allied suppliers, these terms and conditions will apply, unless the purchases are made in person at a physical point where our pieces are sold, in which case the buyer will accept the terms and conditions specified by the partner provider.


All developments, images, ideas, designs, packaging, products and others that are carried out by virtue of, in relation to or on the occasion of these Terms and Conditions, will be the exclusive property of Rosa Inés Cuartas and consequently, no one will be able to use said property for purposes and in ways that have not been previously authorized by Rosa Inés Cuartas, via email or through any other form in which there is evidence.


Rosa Inés Cuartas will process your personal data only for the purposes related to this Terms and Conditions document and compliance with the obligations contained in this contract and the respective regulations.

Personal data will be processed in accordance with our Data Processing Policy, which you can consult at the following link: https://rosainescuartas.com.

Finally, if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, remember that you have the right to receive clear, sufficient, truthful and timely information!