About us?

Rosa Ines Cuartas She was born in Manizales, a city located in the central mountain range of Colombia, surrounded by coffee plantations, rivers and exuberant vegetation. Since she was little, she was attracted by geometric shapes, colors, the starry sky and the magic of the sun and the moon.

Although she studied International Trade a call from her soul and a very deep need to recover her health, they led her on a path of exploration of different alternative therapies and meditation methods that fed and outlined her spiritual life, until she came to the encounter with her voice and healing through sound

It is precisely during this time that your creative and spiritual part begins to walk together, always seeking in the most intimate way to express harmony and beauty through the encounter with feminine energy.

In 2021, she resumed a project that she had started several years ago, which is the basis of what her soul wants to share with the world today, Rosa Inés Cuartas Joyería with her first Rosa del Cielo collection. Each piece of her jewelry is inspired by the geometry traced by the planet Venus in its dance around the Sun and the Earth. A collection dedicated to the rose, the one that she herself embodies, to the rose of Venus and to the feminine archetype present in every being.

It is a jewelery that shows the most intimate part of its creation, since its shapes reveal a path of growth and improvement, as well as an encounter with the Goddess that lives in every woman. It is an invitation so that through its unique and repeated forms you find yours, the one that makes you vibrate and connect with your Goddess and with the transforming power of love.

Rosa Inés Cuartas Jewelry

Rosa Inés Cuartas Joyería was born from the need to materialize a very deep desire to express the beauty, harmony and love that lives not only within us but also in the universe, which is revealed to us through geometric shapes that are drawn constantly before our being.

It is inspired by the Rose of Venus, a perfect geometry that the planet Venus draws in its dance around the sun and the earth. A rose built from a five-pointed star that matches the geometry of roses, hence its name.

Rosa Inés Cuartas Joyería, with her Rosa del cielo collection, wants to bring to every woman the glow of Venus, the brightest star in the firmament and the bearer of sunlight. He wants to enhance the beauty and love of the Goddess that lives in each one of us.

The rose, which is the seed and the heart of jewelry, offers from its symmetry and harmony the love that each one of us can manifest and reminds us that jewelry has always existed to empower women, to enhance their beauty and the brilliance that it emanates from us.

Rosa del Cielo is a collection that undresses before the eyes the possibility of being unique and at the same time being able to express itself in many ways, it allows you to enter its heart so that you can choose which of its forms attract your being.

Our jewelry is made of metal and 18 K gold bath