Rosa de Venus, jewelry inspired by the stars, stars and geometries of roses

'Rosa de Venus' is the name of the new collection launched by Rosa Inés Cuartas, the jeweler who built the proposal based on the movement made by the planet Venus similar to a five-pointed star.

Rosa Inés Cuartas Joyería, with its sky rose collection, wants to bring to every woman the glow of Venus, the brightest star in the firmament and the bearer of sunlight. He wants to enhance the beauty and love of the goddess that lives in each of the women, according to a statement. The jewelry is made of metal and 18-carat gold bath.

“My jewelry, pure geometry, is the same form expressed in different ways. The base of everything are the petals of the Rose of Venus, which are sometimes solid, other times openwork or fall in a simple tear. Each stroke was created by hand and then brought to 3D. And all the jewels are made with a metal alloy covered with 18-carat gold”, says the designer.

The rings and earrings belong to the Rose Mandala collection, the Venus rose has an attached ring in which there is a floating rose mandala, and the accessories are made of surgical steel which makes it hypoallergenic.

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