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A jewelry brand inspired by the rose of Venus

Jewels that enhance the natural feminine beauty and empower women.

 “My jewels are geometry”. A collection of jewels created in order, beauty and harmony, this is how Rosa Inés Cuartas describes it, the jewelery designer who is launching her first collection. Inspired by the geometry of the rose that the planet Venus makes in its dance with the earth, this process stimulated the creation of these iconic pieces.

Her jewels are made of 18k gold-coated metal, in which the use of black roses stands out, synonymous with elegance and mysticism. The creative process of each of these pieces has as its objective the encounter with harmony, the natural beauty of women and the love that is the true power that resides within us.

Her creative process is part of a long path of self-knowledge and personal growth and, as she states, "For me this collection was super fluid and spontaneous, and I believe that this happens when human beings are in contact with our essence, and our higher selves."

The Rosa Inés Cuartas collection transmits and connects with people who are looking for jewelry that complements their essence, that is a special touch, exalting their feminine beauty with elegance and harmony.

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