Perfect harmony, the proposal of Rosa Inés Cuartas jewelry

The Colombian Rosa Inés Cuartas created her first jewelry collection inspired by the geometry of the rose.

In an eight-year period, Venus aligns with the Sun and Earth five times, a phenomenon called the synodic cycle. This movement made by the neighboring planet to complete its orbit draws a geometric figure that resembles a five-pointed star, one for each alignment, known as "The Rose of Heaven" or "The Flower of Venus". This shape is the main inspiration for the new jewelry line by Rosa Inés Cuartas, a Colombian woman who found in these pieces the answer to her quest to exalt feminine energy.

Semi openwork Rosa del Cielo earrings with attached hoop. Photo courtesy Rose Ines Cuartas

That same search took her fifteen years ago to the south of France, where she discovered the existence of this figure and the relationship that different cultures have coined around goddesses like Aphrodite. Without planning it, both moments of her life were connected in her first jewelry collection, which she titled Rosa del cielo and which has 59 pieces, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets, that reinterpret the figure.

“My jewelry, pure geometry, is the same form expressed in different ways. The base of everything are the petals of the Rose of Venus, which are sometimes solid, other times openwork or fall in a simple tear. Each stroke was created by hand and then brought to 3D. And all the jewels are made with a metal alloy covered with 18-carat gold”, he details. The designs are solid and brilliant pieces that incorporate the light of Swarosvki crystals and are already available on their website.

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